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Duo Heart Episode 3 part3

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Duo Heart Episode 3 part3 Empty Duo Heart Episode 3 part3

Post  Jawmax Thu Apr 16, 2009 3:06 am

Ash and Misty got into the Pierce and the others got into their Duoriods. They felt a shaking as the Duoriod was lifted into a long tunnel.
In the command center Prof. Oak was looking at readings on the large screen. “Pikapi. Pikachupi.” Pikachu said nervously.

“Don’t worry they will be fine.” Oak said. “All Duoriods confirm status.”

“This is the Defiant.” Drew said.

“All systems green.” May said.

“Ascent here.” Paul said.

“No problems.” Dawn said.

“Pierce systems check…” Ash said looking at readouts and Misty doing the same.

“All clear.” Misty said.

“Duoriods Deploy!”Oak said as the three Duoriods were catapulted toward their target city.

“So we’re not going to crash right?”Ash asked.

“As long you guys don’t screw up your landing you’ll be fine.” Paul said.

“Alright listen up everyone, this is the battle plan.” Drew said. Each cockpit showed a map of Celadon City. “We will gather at the eastern side of the city. Wait for the enemy to pass us then open fire.”

“A basic ambush tactic? Drew I’m disappointed.” Paul said.

“I picked this strategy for two reasons. First its simple nature will take the enemy by surprise and second, since this is the first team battle of our new recruits I thought that a simple strategy might help us all get a better read on each other’s strengths and weaknesses.”

“Okay, we all get the strategy. Since we have a couple minutes how about we talk? We didn’t get much time to before we had to go into battle so we really don’t know that much about you two.” Dawn said.

“Dawn I really don’t think now is a good time.” Paul said.

“But if things go badly we may never get another chance.” May said. Misty gulped while Ash began to sweat. “So how long have you to been married?”

“It hasn’t even been a whole day.” Misty said.

“Well that’s a shame, going into a battle before to have any time together.” Dawn said. “Paul and I have been together for a year.”

“Drew and I will have our second anniversary next week.” May said. “So where did you find that Pikachu? I thought all the Pokémon were gone.”

“Pikachu is a…long story.” Ash wasn’t sure if his team was cleared to know the truth. Ash then looked to see the city below him. “I hope the people made it out okay.”

“The city should be mostly evacuated by now. Casualties should be down to minimum.” Paul said “Okay time to go to work.”

They landed and hide behind pre-chosen buildings. “Enemy contact confirmed three Levelers.” May said.

Misty looked at same readings. “Ash it the same kind we fought last night!”

“Alright everyone stick to the plan.” Drew said.

Back at the control room the whole was on the screen. “It’s not like Giovanni to attack again so soon, and with the exact same strategy.” Oak said.

“Do you think he might suspect that we got something we can use against him and is trying to test it?” Major Surge asked.

“For now we can only assume that he is trying to find out what happened last night just as we are.”

A Leveler was coming close to the Pierce but it didn’t notice the other machine yet. “One mistake and we could die. Misty could die.” Ash thought.

“Keep going, we not here.” Misty thought.

“Ketchum, don’t attack until it passes all three of us.” Drew said.

The Leveler looked like it was going to turn around. “No, not now!” Misty screamed.

“Stay away for her!” Ash said cutting the rocket launcher off with his sword.”

“Ketchum, you gave away our position!” Drew said. The Defiant was being attacked, defending itself with knife like blade on it forearms.

“Idiots!” Paul said. Rockets were fired at the Ascent.

“I got them!” Dawn said. The ascent turned mostly purple and fired missiles from the wings hitting the incoming rockets.

However the team in the Pierce paid no made mind to what they said. They just kept fighting the Leveler, the sword clashing against the maces. “I won’t let Misty die!” Ash yelled.

“I won’t let Ash die!” Misty said.

“I won’t let any of them die!” The both had said.

Back at the command center Ms. Match notice something. “Colonel, the DX01’s Duo Resistance is falling! 30%, 10%, 0%!”

“So it only works in situations where they both fell that their lives are in danger. Now we can see what they can really do.” Oak said.

The Pierce cut the arms off of its opponent. The other two levelers fired rockets in the direction of the Pierce. “No you don’t!” Misty said. She fired her pistols at the incoming rockets destroying most of them the few that remained missed. Then switching back to the sword Ash cut off the arms of the remaining two in a few seconds.

“I got it!” May said. The Defiant turned mostly yellow and aimed its cannon and fired destroying a Leveler. “Yes, perfect shot!”

The Ascent turned back to mostly red and pointed a beam rifle at another Leveler and fired destroying it. “Bulls-eye.” Paul said. The first Leveler completely disarmed retreated. The screens in all the Duoriods read “Battle Complete.”

“I’ve never seen a Duoriod move like that before.” May said.

“They may have let their fear get the better of them at first but they turned it back around in an instant. Whoever they are they have talent I didn’t think possible.” Drew said.

“Yeah, we won! Misty and Ash really pulled that one out of the hat, right Paul? Dawn said. “Paul? Sweetums?”

“I don’t get it! First they almost ruin the whole operation then they suddenly turned into super soldiers and practically win the battle? We have both worked too hard just to be shown up by a pair of rookies that nearly cost all of us our lives!” Paul said.

“We did it. We really, truly did it.” Misty said.

“We won. We won.” Ash said.

Meanwhile the Leveler landed back at its base. The Pilots came out of the machine the layout of the cockpit was that the chairs were side by side the male would sit at the right and the female at the left. The male pilot had a grey jump suit with a helmet with a black arrow like visor, the females was the same except she wore dark green. “I can’t believe that white and blue Duoriod beat us again! I didn’t even get to fire a shot!” The female pilot yelled.

“Now Jessie dear at least we proved that what happened last night wasn’t a fluke. They had to have modified that machine somehow.” The male pilot took off his helmet revealing that he was James and the female was indeed Jessie her long red hair unfurling as she took off her helmet.

“You two may yet redeem yourselves.” It was a man with short black hair in a green uniform with a metal mask.

“Commander!” Jessie and James said saluting.

“I must bring the battle data to the emperor immediately.” The Commander said.

“Well I must say that you two preformed splendidly today. You both are still a little rough around the around the edges but with my help that will be a thing of the past.” Ms. Match said in the locker room.

“What I don’t get is how all of you can go out there and not fear for your lives.” Ash asked.

“Yeah, I was terrified. When that Leveler turned around I thought I was done.” Misty said.

“What we do is not let that fear get the better of us. You both should learn how to do that before they attack again.” Paul said. “Come on Dawn we have reports to fill out.”

“Paul, please don’t be this way. They did a good job.” Dawn began to sob.

“Hey, hey don’t cry baby doll. I just want us to be the best.” Paul said.

Dawn dried her tears. “Well he is right about those reports, I hate paper work.” With that they left.

“Still I have never seen a Duoriod move like that.” May said. “How did you two do that?”

“May is does have a very good point. If we can replicate what you did it may give us the advantage in this war.” Drew said.

“Oh Drew you are always such a gentlemen. No wonder I love you.”

“You will be informed by the Colonel when he thinks you should know.” Ms. Match said.

“Excuse me but can you tell where we might find a bathroom?” Ash asked.

“Right across the hall, middle door.”

Ash and Misty saw a typical men's room on the left and a ladies room on the right but the middle room had a mark of a man and woman holding hands. “They even give pilots their own bathrooms, and not just because we have to stay close, apparently when one of us has to go so does the other.” Misty said. They opened a stall. “For crying out loud, a toilet built for two?”

After they were done Ash and Misty were called to Prof. Oak’s office. “You wanted to see us Professor?” Ash asked.

“Ash, Misty, I think that it best that at least while on the base you should call me Colonel. Remember while I may look like the man you know I have lived a different life.” Oak said.

“I know. It’s just you, the Major, and the other members of our squadron are all people we both have known for years and yet everyone here at least a little different.” Ash sighed remembering his teammate’s interactions with the spouses.

“There is still a lot we have to get used to in this new world.” Misty said.

“Yes, I imagine that it will take some time. Well in any case I found a place you can live in for the meantime. It is close the base and you’ll be close to your teammates. I even might get clearance to let Pikachu live with you.” Oak said. “I do want you both to know that I am proud of you and grateful that you decided to help. However you should know that we are still a long way from winning this war.”

“But as long we are in this war we are going to protect each other no matter how bad things may get.” Ash said.

Preview: A new home, a new life. Changes all abound. A young couple must learn the new rules of living together while worries pile on from the whispers that they hear. What is this child taker and how does it have such a large impact on the lives of the pilots? Next Episode: Home Life. Duoriods Deploy!


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Duo Heart Episode 3 part3 Empty Re: Duo Heart Episode 3 part3

Post  Oldpokeshipper Wed Jun 10, 2009 1:32 am

Sorry to be posting a reply almost 2 months after you've written this... but we all seem to be so inactive, "dead"- almost. Even I'm extremely inactive by my standards, haven't been here for weeks, months even, and I normally average 3-4 posts a day on AAML forums.

But anough of that. Yes, it's a nice piece of writing, liked the way you linked war with love, adds more passion to your story. It's just so unfortunate and sad that nobody writes any fanfic anymore... so few followers left.

I feel like I'm writing this to myself.

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