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Giovanni "A.K.A- Arnold Schwarzenegger"

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Giovanni "A.K.A- Arnold Schwarzenegger" Empty Giovanni "A.K.A- Arnold Schwarzenegger"

Post  Oldpokeshipper Mon Nov 17, 2008 11:58 pm

Giovanni "A.K.A- Arnold Schwarzenegger" 2ikpoo8

Giovanni certainly looks like the mightiest body-builder on earth, but in fact he is the lonliest, saddest and sore person on the planet earth.

Giovanni is the Head of Team Rocket- the big boss. And he certainly is a BIG, muscle filled guy - the classical "Muscle-man". I bet he can easily pull off 120 kg in Bicep curl. His pecs are bigger than his head is. When looking at giovanni, one can see Arnold Schwarzenegger in an enlarged version. He is about 6 feet, 3 inches tall and weights a good 250 pounds. He can easily squash his oposition without breaking a sweat. He's the kind of a guy that whacks you around the head first and then asks questions. The fascinating thing about him is that while all other characters interact with each other- like Ash and Misty, Ash and May, May and Misty, Misty and Tracey, Tracey and Brock, Brock... and so on; Giovanni is a hard person to know for a secondary character. He's rarely shown in episodes, only in sporadic situations or when Team Rocket makes phonecalls to him. Yet, he IS classified as a secondary character.

Nobody knows where Giovanni is at any given moment- he'll continue to be a strong, muscled person shown from time to time.

Giovanni's factfile:

Age: About 40 years old.
Location: ???
Personal Goal: To be the strongest person in the world.

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