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Pokemon : Galactic Battles

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Pokemon : Galactic Battles Empty Pokemon : Galactic Battles

Post  Oldpokeshipper Wed Jun 10, 2009 7:37 pm

Normally I wouldn't post anything in here these days since the forum is inactive, however I've stumbled upon an occasion that will justify this very post.

Ladies and Gentleman, the 12th Season has just begun. Yes, Pokemon : Galactic Battles, as it is called. That means D&P series has got three seasons now, each about 52-55 episodes long. And that, in turn, means that Pokemon and Ash's ( by now ) nonsense journey will linger for AT LEAST an another year ( 2010 ), before most likeley- they will announce yet an another season. If that's all true, it means that once the 12th season's over, pokemon will be just 5 years away from it's 20th birthday. A 30 year old Ash Ketchum? Who knows... but one thing that actually pleases me, is that as long as pokemon anime is alive, there is that tiny chance that the last episode will prove AAML and bring all of this to an and already.

And that's all.

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